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Government-authorised translators

Internationally recognised translator exam with focus on financial, administrative, legal and technical language

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Encrypted and safe transfer of sensitive data


TX:Translation was established as TranslatørXpress in 1997. Since then, we have grown from a small office in Stavanger, to become one of Norway’s leading suppliers of translation and language services.

Our head offices are in Forus, Stavanger.

Solid technical background and practical experience

Our translators have broad work experience from Norway and abroad.

TX offers technical expertise. We employ both government-authorised translators and technical translator. We offer our customers unique industry insight, solid language expertise and practical experience with all types of texts spanning more than 20 years.

This combination enables us to handle all types of projects, large or small.

Teamwork and passion for language

We have passionate discussions on the words and terms every day.

Everyone takes part; those with many years of experience and those with fewer years of experience, who are in touch with the rapidly changing digital trends and terms.

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